Alarmy situation over human rights violations in Armenia degrade further

Politics Materials 25 July 2023 14:22 (UTC +04:00)
Alarmy situation over human rights violations in Armenia degrade further
Tahmaz Asadov
Tahmaz Asadov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 25. The Helsinki Commission was established to monitor and promote compliance with the Helsinki Final Act and other commitments in OSCE countries, Trend reports.

However, the committee did not adopt a single statement condemning Armenia, despite the fact that 8 out of 10 basic principles of the Final Act signed on August 1, 1975, in Helsinki by the participants of the Pan-European meeting were grossly violated by this country.

The Helsinki Commission, which has been supporting Armenia for many years, especially during the ongoing 30-year occupation of Armenia by Azerbaijan, seems to have finally decided to reconsider its views on Armenia.

Armenia is currently at the forefront of countries where human rights and freedoms are grossly and clearly violated. Armenians who want to reintegrate into Azerbaijan are branded as "traitors".

Recently, Armenia has even begun to receive proposals regarding the release of people serving criminal sentences in exchange for military service. They call the defendant and promise to drop the charges against him if he voluntarily goes to jail.

Everyone knows in which direction Armenia wants to send criminals to military service. Yerevan seeks to carry out its illegal actions against Azerbaijan by any means, with the help of criminals.

Lawyer Arsen Mkrtchyan stated that he had already faced similar cases twice, and one of his clients had already joined the military exercises. The indictments against the mentioned persons were not annulled. Thus, the Armenian government ignores any international conventions, rights, or freedoms, both inside and outside the country.

The deplorable situation with human rights violations in Armenia continues to worsen every day. Cases such as illegal arrests, the use of brute force by the police, and the persecution of opponents of the authorities are growing day by day.

A recent report by the Helsinki Committee revealed all the details of the terrible situation in the country ruled by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who likes to call himself a "democratic leader." The final decision of the Helsinki Committee can also be interpreted as a reprimand for Yerevan.

The situation with human rights and respect for human beings in Armenia has always been low.. This is not only a problem of the present time. The foundation for such a terrible situation was laid during the times of former Armenian leaders Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan. Thus, they used all the power they received to establish a dictatorship, abusing their position and plundering the state budget.

Unlike Sargsyan and Kocharyan, Pashinyan did not steal material goods, and after coming to power, he took over the media and security structures of the country. As a result, Armenians began to be beaten more often for criticizing the authorities, and journalists who feared for their careers began to cover up these facts.

Pashinyan-controlled security forces beat up three local human rights defenders who demanded explanations from the police in early February 2023. According to one of the victims, they put a bag on her head and kicked her.

It is no coincidence that the European Assembly of Lawyers and Representatives of Lawyers expressed deep concern about physical violence and insults against lawyers and called for a full and impartial investigation of the incidents in 2023.

No sanctions have been imposed against Armenia to date. On the contrary, European officials and politicians visit this country, conduct various actions, and conduct observation missions. Although Pashinyan's government positions itself as a "democratic government", the facts reflected in the reports give grounds to say that in their practical activities they carry out governance far from democracy.

International human rights organizations should be sensitive to these inhumane processes taking place in Armenia since there are no such human rights violations in any country in the world.

This situation can be observed now both in Armenia and in France. The whole world is witnessing today's racial discrimination and human rights violations in France. For some reason, these two countries have recently become more similar to each other with their policies of occupation, Islamophobia, human rights violations, and racial discrimination.