Toll Free service to be applied in Azerbaijan

ICT Materials 26 December 2005 17:20 (UTC +04:00)

The Toll Free service will be applied in Azerbaijan. Aztelekom PA and U.S. AvirTel Inc. works in this direction. Toll Free numbers have prefixes 800, 888, 877 or 866, Ismayil Shabani, the head of the AvirTel Inc. Baku Office, told Trend.

Calling subscribers do not pay for use of Toll Free numbers. Call to Toll Free is automatically translated to any indicated number in the world. According to Shabani, the service will be rendered to users in 2006.

“All necessary works have been done at the enterprises Azeurotel, BTRİB, Catel and Ultel,” Shabani said.

Connected users do not need 109 referral service, as they receive Toll Free numbers with 088 code. Calls to these numbers are directed to the provider station. The station is programmed to translate the number and connect the call to the company’s phone. The advantage of Toll Free numbers is that they move with subscriber. Payment for calls will be carried out by the subscriber, who has been called, while subscriber, who calls does not pay any money. Payment for call within capital is 300 manats, from towns and regions of Azerbaijan - 900 manats per minute. The price for connecting to the system makes up 20,000 manats.

“In 2006 the tariff on this service will be reduced from 900 manats to 650 manats,” Ismayil Shabani said.