FIM Bank insists on hearing on Communication ministry case

ICT Materials 29 April 2006 12:42 (UTC +04:00)

First International Merchant Bank (FIM) insists on the following hearings in the court, officials of Ministry of Communication and IT told Trend.

The bank filed a claim against Azeri government on non-payment of credit the bank supposedly issued under the security of Ministry of Communication and IT and JSCB Pochtbank to fake enterprises Aztell and Baktell in amount of $3,035,000 and $1,560,000, respectively.

The case is tried in Rotterdams district court.

Earlier the court offered the sides to submit their statements in written form. В"But the bank insists on hearings, which implies involvement of witnesses from both the sides. All this may prolong the processВ", - Ministry officials said.

Azeri side does not oppose written witnessing. The ministry officials said they were eager to submit such documents to the court. At the moment the sides are waiting for the courts decision.