Kyrgyztan's imports of new tires decrease

Kyrgyzstan Materials 10 April 2023 11:29 (UTC +04:00)
Kyrgyztan's imports of new tires decrease
Alyona Pavlenko
Alyona Pavlenko
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 10. Kyrgyzstan imported 69,434 new tires in January 2023, which is a decrease of 11.8 percent compared to 78,756 tires in January 2022, Trend reports via the State Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan.

While the volume of the imports decreased in the first month of 2023, the value increased by 44 percent year-on-year – from $3 million to $4.3 million.

The largest Kyrgyz supplier of tires in January 2023 was China, which imported to Kyrgyzstan 63,771 tires. The figure is 10 percent less than in January 2022 (71,101 tires).

In January 2023, Kyrgyzstan imported 3,631 tires from the UAE, while there is no data of imports of tires from the UAE in the corresponding period of 2022.

At the same time, imports of new tires from South Korea dropped from 3,023 tires in January last year to almost non-existent level in January 2023. The same goes for imports from Türkiye (1,180 tires in January 2022, and none in January this year).

Kyrgyzstan imported new tires from the following countries in January 2023:

The exporting country

The amount of tires


63,771 tires


3,631 tires


1,202 tires


275 tires


231 tires


165 tires


40 tires


32 tires

The US

22 tires


Kyrgyzstan's overall trade turnover amounted to $834.7 million in January 2023, which is an increase of nearly 20 percent year-on-year ($692.5 million in January 2022).

The exports from Kyrgyzstan totaled $125.5 million, which is an increase of 11 percent compared to $111 million in January 2022. The imports to Kyrgyzstan reached $709 million, increasing by 22 percent compared to $581 million in January 2022.