Uzbekistan intends to increase dried fruit exports to China

Uzbekistan Materials 4 December 2021 18:13 (UTC +04:00)
Uzbekistan intends to increase dried fruit exports to China

Uzbekistan is working to increase exports of packed dried fruits to China, the Uzbek embassy in Beijing told Kun.uz, Trend reports.

China is one of the world leaders in the consumption of processed fruits, vegetables, raisins and legumes. The country imports large quantities of dried fruits and nuts from foreign countries to meet the growing demand for fruits and vegetables.

Uzbekistan supplies China with walnuts, dried apricots, seeds, raisins and many other dried fruits. In particular, the share of Uzbekistan in Chinese raisin imports is 40%, which is the highest among China’s import partners. However, Chinese importers buy these raisins for processing in the country, mainly in boxes of 10-25 kg, without packaging.

The market for recycled packaging products is growing in China. This type of product is welcomed by buyers due to its high hygiene standards and its ability to meet the various needs of consumers.

Advertising activities carried out by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing in cooperation with relevant agencies in major Chinese cities have allowed to bring finished products made in Uzbekistan to the major Chinese market. In particular, on the basis of an agreement with a Chinese company, Tashkent-based Cherry-pick Production LLC has started to supply a variety of nuts and dried fruits to China under the Uzbek brand VITA BOOM, each packed in 200 grams. In order to accelerate the sale of finished products to buyers, Uzbekistan Airways has delivered a test batch.

E-commerce platforms allow consumers to purchase products made in foreign countries with an international trademark due to concerns about the quality of local food products. E-commerce platforms also offer broader and more effective marketing opportunities for manufacturers.

Currently, work is underway to place products under the label “Made in Uzbekistan” on popular e-commerce platforms in China. According to the Uzbek embassy in China, this will open new opportunities for Uzbek producers of dried fruits and other food products to supply their products to China, the world’s largest market.