Contradicting Attitudes of Iranian Officials towards Israel Political Game: Experts

Iran Materials 15 August 2008 15:29 (UTC +04:00)

Iran, Tehran, 13 August /corr. Trend R.Azadbaxsh, T.Jafarov, R.Abdullayev/ The repeated statements of the Iranian President regarding destruction of Israel and that the tragedy of the Holocaust is myth completely contradict the issue that his adviser Isfendiyar Rahim Meshai named Israeli people "friendly". This can be the double game of the Government of Iran against his enemy number one - Israel. "The contradictory attitude of the Iranian officials towards Israel is a diplomatic game. These contradictions are known in the world diplomacy gestures," the former official representative of the Interior Ministry of Iran Murtaza Allahverdi, told Teheran correspondent of Trend .

Iranian Fars agency reported on 12 August that the adviser of the President of Iran Isfendiyar Rahim Meshai in his last statement invited the citizens of Israel to Iran to get familiarized with the cultural and historical monuments of Iran. Meshai stated that the peoples of Iran and Israel are friendly.

Allahverdi considers that the diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Iran express contradictory thoughts. "If we pay attention to the last words of the adviser of the Iranian President Meshai and the statement of President Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust is myth, we will even more clearly see contradictions," said political expert and former official of Iran Allahverdi.

The adviser of the President sees the best way of resolving the 60-year crisis in Palestine in holding referendum amongst local population, residing in Palestine. Allahverdi added that after the statement of some Iranian officials that the Holocaust is myth, the politicians and the media sources of Israel formed opinion in the world community that Iran wants to annihilate Jewish people. "However, the truth is that Iran does not have this desire and Iranian people even do not wish it. In addition, Iranian officials' taking any steps, contradicting to Islam, is unthinkable," said Allahverdi on Wednesday.

In regard to this, the expert of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University of Israel, Mordechai Kedar, said that Iran pursues policy of non-acceptance of Israel, which is the current reality of the Middle East. According to the Israeli expert, if to consider the attachment of Iranians to the radical Islamic ideology, Israel understands well that all officials of Iran are unanimous in non-recognition of Israeli State.

According to Kedar, despite its small territory, currently Israel possesses strong armed forces supplied with modern technologies. These forces may put resistance against nuclear danger of Iran.

"Today Israel is reality and the geopolitical center of force. The Government of Iran can not but accept this," said Kedar. The Iranian member of the Berlin Center for Studies, Mehran Berati told Trend that the religious leader of Iran Ali Khamenei says in one material, written in 1969 in the Iraqi City of Najaf regarding "Islamic Government", that all difficulties of Muslims occur because of the Jews. Besides Khameneni wrote how 1.5mln Israel could gain a victory over Arabs, and expressed thoughts that how 150mln population of Egypt and Syria could not annihilate the Jews. "Then Khamenei wrote not about the negative attitude towards the Israeli government, but generally towards the Jewish people," Berati told via telephone from Berlin.

Berati added that possibly in the State structures of the President of Iran, there are people who fear war between Israel and Iran and want to dissociate from the image of "enemy of Jews". Therefore, now some officials of Iran declare that "we are oppositional not to Israeli people, but to Israeli and Zionist state". "In Israel, some Zionists are against the establishment of State on religious basis," Berati said.

In the opinion of the member of Berlin Center for Studies, these statements of Meshai can be the game planned between Ahmadinejad and his adviser. It is not worthwhile to believe the desire of some persons in the Iranian government to be friendly with the Israeli people. "In this question, there are differences between the Iranian people and radical officials of Iran," said Berati.

Iranian news agency IRNA reported on 13 August that the representatives of the Iranian parliament called Meshai to impeachment with regards to his statement on the Israeli people.

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