All public, private schools in Georgia ready to resume studies on October 4

Georgia Materials 3 October 2021 16:13 (UTC +04:00)
All public, private schools in Georgia ready to resume studies on October 4

All public and private schools in Georgia are ready to resume in-person studies on October 4, announces the Ministry of Education, Trend reports citing Agenda.ge

The ministry announced that all schools in Georgia have been provided with disinfectant solutions, thermoscreen devices and disinfection barriers and the supply will be enough throughout the academic year.

In addition, 64 new public schools have been built in Georgia, while 64 others have been renovated.

For the new school year, 100 public schools in Georgia were equipped with new desks, chairs, school boards and other needed items. Medical rooms were additionally provided in 60 public schools, and soon an additional 142 public schools will be equipped with the necessary equipment for a medical room", said the ministry.

All public school students are provided with books and notebooks, while the first graders and their mentors will receive laptops.

From the new school year, an electronic journal will be fully introduced in schools, which will help teachers to electronically record both student attendance and evaluation.

The Ministry of Education still gives parents the opportunity to choose whether they prefer in-person studies or the form of distance learning, while risk group teachers can, if they wish, conduct lessons remotely.

All children will have to wear facemasks in schools’ to prevent a surge in new infections.

67% of teachers and the staff of public schools' administrations are vaccinated, said the ministry.

In addition, both public and private kindergartens, high and vocational education institutions will also be able to resume in-person studies on October 4, as well as the children's entertainment centres.

The new academic year began in Georgia on September 15. However, due to the severe epidemiological situation in the country, the government decided to postpone in-person studies.