Baku to host Teymur Daimi’s master classes on writing and critical analysis

Photo: Baku to host Teymur Daimi’s master classes on   writing and critical analysis / Azerbaijan

Baku to host Teymur Daimi's master classes on writing and critical analysis "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD. ENIGMA, POWER AND ENERGY OF CREATING WORD".

01 June 2014 - 30 June 2014 (4 weeks)
(3 times per week)
He is a multimedia artist, filmmaker, philosopher (PH.D), art & film critic, theorist of culture, art-consultant, art teacher, publicist and poet. His professional interest lies in interdisciplinary activity comprehending visual arts, filmmaking, experimental cinema, theory of perception, art writing, pedagogical practice, neurophysiology, psycho-technologies, anthropological practices.


This course is meant to introduce students to various analytical techniques, help them develop further heir writing skills and as a result to prepare them to professional work with critical and analytic text dealing with contemporary art and culture.

Course consists of two basic parts:

1. Theoretical part - a) introduces students to the art history, particularly with history of contemporary art, b) helps student to learn to apply some of the core principles of creative writing and critical analysis;

2. Practical part, including constant work of students on their own writings. By the end of the course each student should be able to write independent analytic text.
Also, during the workshop students will attend different art related locations- museums, galleries, artist's studios etc.


Students or young professionals in humanitarian field with keen interest interested in magic of WORD, philosophy of ART and culture and dream to learn profession of cultural annalist, art publicist or to make their intellectual activity more efficient. Good writing skills are an asset.


Course will be held in June, for 4 weeks. Duration of each lesson - 3-5 hours (variable).
First 3 weeks will be dedicated to theoretical-practical work to learn the profession of the analyst, and the last week will be fully dedicated to independent work: students will focus on writing ultimate analytic text while being in daily communication with course leader.


Publication of the works that students authored as a collection of articles, dedicated to contemporary art, or publication in electronic press. The best and successful writings of students will be suggested for publication in most prestigious magazines.

Date for registration: May 5, 2014
Deadline: 20 May, 2014
Please fill application form and submit a motivation letter (min 200 words)
Email: ; Only the short-listed candidates will be notified.

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