Draft Law on Functioning of Opposition Developed

Azerbaijan Materials 13 February 2008 17:53 (UTC +04:00)
Draft Law on Functioning of Opposition Developed

Azerbaijan, Baku, 13 February / Trend corr. I.Alizadeh / The MP group of Musavat, represented in the Azerbaijani Parliament, has developed the draft law. The draft law envisages- the additional security to the opposition parties functioning in Azerbaijan, as well as regulation of their functioning. "The draft law stipulates to provide parties with headquarters and quotes for the members of opposition parties represented in official structures, which is financed by state budget," MP Panah Huseyn, a member of Musavat MP group stated to trend.

The MP noted that the draft law will be submitted to the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani parliament) for consideration.

The key role was focused on functioning of the opposition parties. Under the project, political organizations, which do not support the policy of the Government, are considered as the opposition.

"The developed democratic countries have passed different draft laws, concerning functioning of the opposition party. The acceptance of the draft law in Azerbaijan carries a significant meaning from the democratic development and pluralism point of view," Huseyn said.

The draft law was submitted to the Musavat and Popular Front parties. The parties may submit their own proposals. However, the parties have not responded so far.

The ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAR) considers that there is no need of a separate draft law concerning the functioning of opposition parties.

"There is a bill on Political parties in Azerbaijan. This bill regulates the political functioning of parties. Therefore, there is no need of an additional draft law," MP Mubariz Gurbanli, the deputy executive secretary of NAP, stated.

Besides the bill, Azerbaijani Constitution provides guarantee to the pluralism of opinions, freedom of speech and political actions. "Is there still a need to develop an additional draft law, when there is already a bill regulating the functioning of opposition parties? Perhaps, Huseyn has plenty of time to develop this draft law," the official representative of NAP stated.

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