Possible War between Syria, Iran and Israel Seems Unlikely: Experts

Politics Materials 17 April 2008 13:46 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem, 17 April / corr Trend D.Khatinoglu, R.Hafizoglu, R.Abdullayev /

In the dominant state in the region commencement of war between Israel and Syria and Iran does not seem convincing. "New statements by Israeli officials on one hand and by Syrian and Iranian officials on other, are purely defensive," an official of the Israeli Defense Ministry, told Trend on 17 April.

According to Qatar's influential daily Al-Vatan, Syria with support from Iran is keen to set up military operations against Israel. Officials of Syria regard civil defense training by Israel on 7 April as the commencement of a war in the near future. '"Officials of Damask came to this decision after the participation of a top ranking US general in the training conducted by Israel," Al-Vatan reported on 14 April.

" Israel does not have any plan to conduct military operations against Syria and Iran," an anonymous source at the Israeli Defense Ministry stated. The expert said that civil defense training held by Israel last week was carried out in line with schedules and it is incorrect to regard them as planning for a war. "We hold large scale civil defense trainings and any preparation for war is impossible," the source said on 16 April. Israel held civil defense training in 1991 in the run-up to arrangements for the gulf war, as well as in 2003 when the coalition forces entered Iraq, he added.

Meanwhile, Syrian political expert Muhammad Nasir said that the unification and war of Syria and Iran seem impossible. " Syria is prepared for a war at any moment, but as a defensive action," Nasir, an expert of Syrian Bureau of Political Researches, told Trend during a telephone discussion from Damask on 16 April.

At present war is favorable for Israel, he believes. "Currently Syria is fully isolated from the Arab world and it is unrealistic to begin a war in this situation," Nasir said. Prior to the commencement of a war with Syria and Iran, Israel intends to turn the world community against these countries.

"Military maneuvers of Israel are politically motivated. The authority of Iran increases in the region day by day. Military maneuvers and statements by Israel and the United States are made with respect to make Iran avoid the steps it has taken," Mehran Berati, an Iranian political expert functioning in Germany, told Trend .

Berati said that war is a realistic alternative, although there is no possibility of attacks on Iran in the near future. "Secret discussions are held between the officials of Iran and the United States. The British daily Independent also revealed this. So, the diplomatic disputes between Iran and the United States have not been driven to deadlock and military variant can be realized as a final step," Barati said during a telephone discussion from Berlin on 16 April.

According to the Iranian political expert, statements about war are nothing less than words. " Iran supported the unofficial Shiite military, especially the Mehdi Army. Iran also finances the resistance movements, existing in Palestine and Lebanon and participates in conducting training. By military maneuvers Israel and the United States is attempting to abstain from its position," Barati said there enough conflicts in the region and the commencement of a war would intensify the crisis.

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