Results of 2nd stage of exam to vacant judge seats publicized

Politics Materials 5 January 2006 15:47 (UTC +04:00)

The results of the 2nd stage of the exam to the vacant judge seats are publicized, Iman Nagiyev, the chairman of the Election Commitee of Judges, told Trend.

68 of 223 applicants passed the 2nd stage on essay. According to Nagiyev, it is very low indicator. We will organize competition, courses and then to set to next stages of the exam. Most of 68 people are probable to fail the next stages, he stressed.

Nagiyev did not exclude that in this case the readmission would be announced to the vacant judge seats. Probably, the readmission of documents will be announced after the completion of all stages, as the number of the envisaged vacant seats exceeds the number of the winners, he added.

Nagiyev said that the complaints of the participants of the exam failed the stage on essay would be considered during 5 days. The Legal Council will hold a meeting to determine the date and the place of the next stage after recheck-up answers. The admission of documents on reelection of judges will start after completion of the current exam, he underlined.