Iran imports medications to treat black fungus infection

Iran Materials 6 September 2021 13:32 (UTC +04:00)
Iran imports medications to treat black fungus infection

TEHRAN, Iran, Sep. 6


An Iranian company has succeeded to import 50,000 medications for black fungus treatment, said the vice president of Iran's Drug Importers Union.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused other infections including black fungus in patients which led to the increase in drug consumption for these diseases, Mojtaba Bourbour has indicated.

He noted that the only trusted drug for black fungus treatment is amphotericin B, which is available in form of liposomal and non-liposomal and the price of the following medicine had tripled.

"The Food and Drug Administration of Iran did not consider this issue in its planning and even disrupted normal import of the drug and gave fewer quotas to importers," Bourbour added.

The price of the imported medicine is paid based on the official foreign currency rate while the shortage has been resolved it is temporary and the back market abuse the situation.

The official explained that the drug for treating black fungus is imported from India and several European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

Cases of black fungus have been seen in COVID-19 patients in four Iranian provinces.