USAID to Give a Reply on Project of Financing of Conceptual Base of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy till the End of November

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is expected to give a reply on financing of the conceptual base of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy till the end of November, this year, Khafiz Pashayev, Deputy Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister, and Rector of the Academy, told journalists today, Trendreports.

The project was submitted to USAID's consideration at the beginning of the fall of this year. It envisages three stages: organization courses and trainings aimed at raising the level of the skills of the employees of the Azerbaijani Ministers and bodies working with international organizations and foreign countries; implementation of programs aimed at obtaining Master's degree that encompass such spheres like business, ecology, diplomacy, international journalism, energy, security, etc.; Bachelor's degree. According to the rector of the Academy, along with the local specialists, internationally-known foreign scientists and specialists are expected to be attracted to teaching in the Academy as well.

The studying in the Academy is expected to be on a paying basis. The state bodies will sponsor courses and trainings their employees will pass. Foreign citizens are expected to be attracted to studying in the Academy as well, particularly citizens of Arab countries. According to the Rector, a Fund of the Academy is expected to be found as well.

According to Mr. Pashayev, an academic town, where there will be a scientific-research centre in addition to a building of the academy, is expected to be built. The area aimed at the constructing of such town is expected to be found at the suburb of the city. According to Mr. Pashayev, the future academy town must become a brain centre that collect the leading political analysts, journalists, and specialists of different profiles together, where they might hold different discussions, hear lectures of the known political analysts.

Notably, the order on founding the Diplomatic Academy, was issued by the Azerbaijani President in February, 2006. The rector of the Academy was appointed in July, 2006. Khafiz Pashayev had been Azerbaijan's Ambassador to US until his new appointment to his current post.

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