YARAT Contemporary Art Organisation presents solo exhibition by famous French photographer Alain Zimeray (PHOTO)

Photo: YARAT Contemporary Art Organisation presents solo exhibition by famous French photographer Alain Zimeray (PHOTO) / Society

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 5

By Vugar Imanov - Trend:

YARAT Contemporary Art Organisation organized a solo exhibition by French artist and photographer Alain Zimeray at Natavan Gallery in Baku.

The public figures, representatives of culture and art, diplomatic missions attended the event.

Eternity touches " the endless summer of human things ". (Aragon)

It is the very nature of photography that forces us to dwell on the meaning of time; exhibition, Alain Zimeray invites us to share in his view of eternity.

Forever woman

Women of the " Madonnas of the 21st century " gallery, Parisian women whose legs he captures in pictures, tourists or Venetian ladies in Venice, all of them are part of human eternity. Women represent the renewal of mankind, they fascinate, they attract, they are desired, abused, they can be frightening too and they often unleash passion. It is from this obsessive fascination that the artist tries to free himself by taking pictures, letting us enter the sensuality of his images.

Vulnerable but wrongly considered as the weaker sex, women will remain a mystery.

Eternal cities

Venice and Paris: a very symbolic choice. Venice is where he breathes; Paris is where he lives. Mysteries behind decrepit facades where shadows advance under cover of a winter mist. Seen from the sky, Venice looks like a woman bathing in the male element of the surrounding water. At Acqua Alta, the man takes the woman in his arms and embraces her. Man's creation, a very relative eternity for doesn't he often break the very thing he built?

Alain Zimeray is an artist and photographer, born in 1954. From early childhood, Alain Zimeray was plunged into the universe of contemporary art. It is through his father, a great collector, that he met artists such as Arman, Man Ray or Peter Beard, but also gallery owners and all of the artistic " tout Paris " of the 60s'. His work centres on femininity and the body, on portraits and on the sea. These themes are illustrated in the two books he published: " Les Dames de la Mer " and " Sentinelle des mers " and featured also in the numerous solo or joint exhibitions he held.

One can recognise Alain Zimeray's work by its quest for a subtle touch of sensuality, whatever theme he chooses to address. His personal style may lie in this light "sfumato" found around women's legs, in the heaviness of the atmosphere, or maybe in the palpable grain of the black and white pictures where the entity of the image, the mistiness and the feel of the skins all merge into one.

An exhibition space is kindly provided by "Natavan" Gallery that shows both emerging and established artists.

The exhibition will run until December 18.

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