Turkish Cypriot PM urges equality, rights in peace talks

Photo: Turkish Cypriot PM urges equality, rights in peace talks / Turkey

Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu has claimed that the latest proposal for peace talks by the Greek Cypriot administration goes against the principle of equal rights and falls short of protecting the interests of Turkish Cypriots Anadolu Agency reported.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency during his official visit to Turkey, Yorgancioglu highlighted the need for both sides to be equally represented.

He said the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus wants "real peace talks" to resume immediately.

The Turkish Cypriot premier reiterated their commitment to "transform and reform" all areas of life on the island.

Praising Ankara's support for Turkish Cypriots, Yorgancioglu said Turkey is the TRNC's only window to the outside world.

"Until the Cyprus issue is settled, another duty of ours as the TRNC government is to fulfill our responsibilities to further develop the economy, raise living standards, and pave the way for a better future for our country," he said.

Yorgancioglu also said Turkish Cypriots must receive their share of natural resources on the island, "The Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot presidents have agreed that these resources belong to the two nations."

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established in 1983 after several failed attempts to reunify the island with the Greek-dominated south.

Cyprus has been partitioned since 1974 when a military coup that attempted to unify the island with Greece was followed by a Turkish military intervention.

Peace talks between the Greek Cypriot administration and the TRNC continue under a UN initiative.

The TRNC has proposed unifying the island under a federated government.

In 2004, Greek Cypriots rejected a UN peace plan known as the Annan Plan, Turkish Cypriots accepted the plan after a referendum was held on the Turkish side of the island.

The Annan Plan, or the Comprehensive Settlement of the Cyprus Problem, proposes to resolve the Cyprus dispute by restructuring the island as the "United Republic of Cyprus", which would be a federation of two states.

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