Azerbaijan & Heydar Aliyev on Jan. 14: opening of Museum Mausoleum Complex of Azerbaijani poet Molla Panah Vagif (PHOTO)

Azerbaijan Materials 14 January 2023 19:31 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan & Heydar Aliyev on Jan. 14: opening of Museum Mausoleum Complex of Azerbaijani poet Molla Panah Vagif  (PHOTO)

Having played a crucial role in Azerbaijan’s formation and development, Heydar Aliyev left an indelible mark in history of Azerbaijan. "Azerbaijan & Heydar Aliyev" – is a special project of Trend News Agency, dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of the national leader, which will cover key events of Heydar Aliyev's work in the years of him leading Azerbaijan

January 14, 1982. On the initiative and with the participation of national leader Heydar Aliyev, a magnificent mausoleum was opened in Shusha, over the grave of famous Azerbaijani poet Molla Panakh Vagif. After visiting the city, Heydar Aliyev also ordered the Days of Vagif Poetry to be held in Shusha.

The complex was builton the territory located near Jydyr duzyu. Taking into account the surrounding mountain panorama and urban planning features, it was decided to use the compositional structure of the tower-like mausoleums of Azerbaijan for the construction of a rectangular mausoleum decorated with marble. In the construction of the mausoleum, local traditions of folk architecture, monumental and decorative means and means of applied sculpture were used. A bust of Molla Panakh Vagif, made by sculptor Albert Mustafayev, has been installed inside the mausoleum.

As a result of the occupation of the city of Shusha by Armenia in 1992, the building of the complex and all the exhibits displayed here were destroyed. After Azerbaijan's victory in the second Karabakh war, on behalf of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who visited the mausoleum during a trip to the city of Shusha on January 14, the day of the mausoleum's opening 39 years ago, repair and reconstruction work began here.

Reconstruction was carried out by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Starting from March 2021, at the initial stage, an examination was carried out in the tomb, work projects were prepared. Also, structural restoration of the elements was carried out with special chemical materials recommended by foreign experts, additional measures were taken against corrosion. Based on the information obtained as a result of topographic and research works on the territory, broken, destroyed cladding elements were found, architectural work projects were developed in order to restore the original dimensions of the monument. On their basis, the walls of the facade and interior parts were lined with marble and the historical appearance of the monument was restored.

In addition, on the basis of the samples of shebeke [windows filled with coloured glass, created by Azerbaijani folk craftsmen] made from cast aluminum, all shebeke and decorative elements, as well as the entrance door, have been also made from aluminum by casting with preservation of historical dimensions. In the center of the hall there is a gravestone made of black marble in the shape of a chest, the bust is made of white marble.

Every detail of the monument has been restored taking into account its historical appearance. The entire infrastructure of the complex has been reconstructed, drainage lines for rainwater and electric lines have been laid. The supporting walls and the platform, as before, have been lined with granite. Just as it was seen on old photos, rose bushes of different varieties have been planted around.

Exactly 39 years after the opening of the mausoleum, in the already liberated Shusha, President Ilham Aliyev, while reviewing the progress of restoration work, noted that at that time - during the period of socialism, the construction of the mausoleum in honor of Molla Panah Vagif, the vizier of the Karabakh khan, was really an extraordinary event.

“It was as a result of Heydar Aliyev's persistence and courage that Azerbaijan was able to achieve this at that time, and this place was not chosen by chance. The grave of Molla Panah Vagif is here. The establishment and opening of this mausoleum was, on the one hand, a sign of respect for the history of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the genius of the Azerbaijani people. On the other hand, the opening of this mausoleum in Shusha once again confirmed that Shusha is an Azerbaijani city,” President Ilham Aliyev said.