Recent Developments in Armenia to Inevitably Lead to Change of Power: Political Experts

Politics Materials 5 July 2008 15:08 (UTC +04:00)
Recent Developments in   Armenia to Inevitably Lead to Change of Power: Political Experts

Azerbaijan, Baku, 5 July / corr. Trend R. Novruzov/ The independent political experts of Azerbaijan believe that the recent developments in Armenia will inevitably lead to the change of power.

" Armenia will not put up with the puppets of Moscow in the power and ongoing processes in the country will inevitably bring Levon Ter Petrosyan or some other person equal to him to the power," Vafa Guluzade, independent political expert of Azerbaijan said.

During the demonstration in Yerevan on 4 July, the first president of Armenia and leader of the oppositional National Movement Levon Ter Petrosyan demanded resignation of President Serj Sarkisyan and holding of extraordinary presidential elections

The Armenian government will not be able to maintain the mood of the Armenian people and the situation will get out of control sooner or later in spite of the attempts to suppress the disagreements, political expert said to Trend on 5 July.

It is favorable for Moscow to maintain puppets in Armenia as the conditions of neither war nor peace is not favorable for Russia and this is constraint for Azerbaijan and Armenia for NATO admission, he said.

"Situation in Armenia will lead to no good. Top authorities are enjoying the riches, while on the background of general poverty of most Armenian population, that results in a blast of discontent," independent Azerbaijani political scientist Rustam Mammadov said.

"I think that is just the beginning of Armenia's serious shock," said Mammadov. According to him, Armenia, surrounded with unfriendly countries, which discontent it deserved only through its own actions, by itself destroyed a good potential for its economic growth. Russia will not be able to feed Armenia eternally. Armenia has a good opportunity to develop its economy, to offer its territory for transit.

Mammadov said should Ter-Petrosyan come to power in Armenia, he will have a good control of the situation.

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