Turkish President Avoid Criminal Prosecution

Politics Materials 18 June 2008 20:31 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 18 June / Trend corr S. Ilhamgizi/ Ankara General Prosecutor's Office stated there is no need to investigate the lawsuit on 'misappropriated trillion' against Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Investigation held by Prosecutor Kurshat Kayral showed there are no juridical facts to make Gul answerable.

A lawsuit on misappropriation of a trillion of Turkish liras when Gul was heading the Rifah party. The criminal proceedings mentioned names of several persons, including Gul.

Turkey's Constitutional Court decided to investigate the issue regarding Gul.

On 17 June, Ankara Prosecutor's Office issued a verdict that the Constitution does not envisage making people answerable for their personal deeds made before they took presidential position. The verdict also says democratic society has privileges envisaging presidential immunity. As Abdullah Gul is President, he cannot be involved in investigation or criminal prosecution in Turkey.

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