7th Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masud’s Assassination Marked in Afghanistan

Politics Materials 6 September 2008 12:00 (UTC +04:00)
7th Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masud’s Assassination Marked in   Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Kabul, 6 September / Trend corr. A.Hakimi / The 7th anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masud's assassination was marked in Kabul with the participation of culture employees, Mujahidins and students.

Borhaniddin Rabbani, participant of the ceremony and head of the National Front, named Masud as national hero and stated that heroic way of Masud and all victims of war struggling against the Russians should be continued.

Two unknown men killed Masud at Haje Behaidi mountain territory on 9 September in 2001.

According to Rabbani, at present contemporary youth should protect national values and decidedly resist against western culture and as Afghani victims of war should not fear any forces and continue their struggle. He said that continuation of the work of victims of wars is the best way. Holding Islam's values, it is possible to gain victory over everybody with the support of nation, he noted. The head of the National Front stressed that people supported by West do not believe that they will always win, and sooner or later they will appear before nation's anger.

At present Afghanistan is facing with great crisis and disaster and the current youth should continue way of victims of war, struggle against this disaster and be staunch, Mohammad Zahir Gosmyuin, the Afghani Youth and Culture Minister said at the ceremony.

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