Opposition leaders hold meeting with US Amb

Politics Materials 7 December 2005 15:24 (UTC +04:00)

On Wednesday the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Reno Harnish, met with the opposition leaders at the headquarters of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan Party (PFAP). Attending the meeting were co-chairs of Azadlyg elections bloc, a biggest opposition alliance, Isa Gambar, Ali Karimli, Sardar Jalaloglu, as well as the leader of the National Unity Movement, Lala Shovkat.

Ambassador Harnish told journalists that the two sides had efficient talks. “I spoke about the implementation of further projects targeting support to democracy in Azerbaijan. They shared opinions on the recent parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,” the diplomat underscored.

After the talks Ali Karimli, the co-chair of the Azadlyg bloc, said that they focused on the post-election situation in Azerbaijan, esyiatin of the elctions by the United Statesand disaremnetiwth the opposition.

The leaders protested againts the US’s approval of the setme by the Constitution Court, Karimli added

“Coming out with the official statement we voiced our indignation and surprise on the positions of the US Department and embassy. During the meeting with the Ambassador we protested it. Harnish in his turn said that they would thins over the arguments, that put forward in the meeting and promised to put every effort for achievement of progress in the sphere of democracy in Azerbaijan. We decided to continue discussions,” Karimli underlined.

Karimli said that during the meeting both sides held their ground. The US Ambassador did not refute statement by the US Department State and did not say that his country would change its standpoint. Harnish noted that the United States will agree upon with the final report of the OSCE on the parliamentary elections.