Azerbaijani MPs Continuing to Discuss Statement 2007

Politics Materials 8 November 2006 19:52 (UTC +04:00)

MP Jamil Hassanoghli, while talking about an increase in prices, said that the first reason of this advance is the availability of monopolies in the country, Trendreports. Just imagine, the trade on toothpicks is also available in the country. And the top officials are behind such monopolies, therefore one cannot counteract them, he said.

Talking on this topic, MP Ali Ahmadov, Deputy Chairman of ruling party Yeni Azerbaijan (New Azerbaijan), said that some entrepreneurs want to increase their capital in a simple way, by increasing prices on their goods. According to him, it is necessary to pass a mobile tax system to counteract it, when the entrepreneur will do his best to increase the output or services.

MP Ali Massimli made a speech concerning the oil prices that are mentioned in Statement 2007. He suggested elaborating programs in case of the world oil prices increase or decline. We need programs in case the oil price declines to $40 per barrel, as well as a separate program in case of the oil price would be more than $50 per barrel. Only if we have such programs, special price fluctuations on international markets would not have a negative effect on Azerbaijan, said Mr. Massimli

Siyavush Novruzov, Deputy Executive Secretary of ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party, called the Government to tighten means of control that are being sent to the development of the regions. Works on the development of the regions are carried out in some regions very well. But, there are districts where 4 leaders had been changed one after another, and new heads repair the same street that the previous one did. We should not allow non-purposeful use of budget funds, he said.

Moreover, Mr. Novruzov called the Government upon to provide the air flight Baku Nakhchivan with new airplanes. He pointed out that at present, only old planes that were bought from Ukraine, operate on this route, and a tragedy could emerge any moment because of the age of the planes.