Turkmengaz fully meets domestic and export demands

Oil&Gas Materials 28 May 2011 12:35 (UTC +04:00)

Turkmenistan , Ashgabat , May 28 / corr Trend H . Hasanov /

Turkmengaz state concern fully meets the domestic demand in natural gas and implements contractual commitments on gas supplies to foreign consumers of Turkmen natural gas , the Ministry of Oil and Gas industry and Mineral Resources announced.

Turkmenistan is exporting natural gas to Russia, Chin and Iran .

Turkmengaz Г develops roughly 30 gas and gas condensate fields, including unique fields Dovletabat and Shatlik , huge fields Malay , Kerpichli, Garashsizligin 10 yilligi , Gazlitepe , Bagaja , and Elguyu . Fond of exploitation wells includes 1,000 wells.

Work is underway to increase resource base of natural gas.

Meanwhile, additional production capacities are created to extract , prepare and transport gas on Garabil-Gurrukbilsk group of fields , Bagaja, and Zekli-Derveze. Experimental industrial exploitation of Garabil-Gurrukbil field has been launched.

Agarguyu and North Gazlitepe fields were opened in Lebapsk velayet , South Gutliyak and Geyazli in Akhalsk and Minara in Mariysk velayet .

In addition, industrial growth of reserves was achieved in North Naip, Bagaja, Chertak, Garajovlak, Garadurun and Ajiyap fields . To ensure stable production volumes of natural gas Turkmen geologists continue work on South Eloten-Osman and Yashlar and the adjacent fields . Concrete steps have been taken to commence gas production .

Privileged loan attracted from the State Bank of China will directed at implementing the first stage of field development . Contracts were signed with foreign companies to create a relevant infrastructure of gas producing and refining capacities on Gunorta Eloten field , estimated to 30 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

" Turkmenistan's energy strategy attaches great importance mutually profitable cooperation with foreign partners to develop the country's oil and gas complex and ensure long-term natural gas deliveries in all export directions," the ministry said .