Iran's fragile herbal medicine market suffers from smuggling, lack of interest

Business Materials 13 September 2017 16:37 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, September 13

By Mehdi Sepahvand – Trend:

The market for herbal drugs in Iran is very fragile unlike in many other countries and this is despite the fact that quality products are being produced domestically.

“The herbal drugs market constitute a meager 5 percent of all drugs, the rest belongs to chemical drugs. Neither ordinary people nor medical practitioners welcome herbal drugs in Iran,” Zardband Co. pharmaceutical manager Hossein Gorji told Trend September 13.

With a diverse floral ecosystem, Iran has one of the most naturally powerful lands for the cultivation and production of herbal medicine.

“Our products come with the highest purity possible, the herbs are cultivated organically, and many other countries welcomed the products, but here they are not welcome, unlike, for example, in Germany where herbal drugs constitute 70 percent of the drug market,” Gorji underlined.

Gorji, whose holding also produced sanitation and beauty products under the name Cinere, also said also that the smuggling of similar products into the country is another major problem.

“In southern Iran you can find all sorts of foreign-made products at ridiculously low prices, which clearly shows they have been smuggled. And that is damaging our market,” he explained.

Iran – with 1,640,000 square kilometer area, has a specific combination of different elements of life and a special ecosystem and biodiversity due to various factors, including different climatic conditions, high mountains all around and a big desert.

Different phytogeographic regions on Iran’s plateau cause massive genetic flow in this area which result in growth of variety of plant species. Iran is also home to 167 families of vascular plants.