Iran re-employs coronavirus related unemployed

Society Materials 15 December 2020 23:05 (UTC +04:00)
Iran re-employs coronavirus related unemployed

TEHRAN, Iran, Dec. 15


Coronavirus outbreak caused a lot of damage in the service sector but 40 percent of the total number of registrants in the unemployment system had been re-employed, Iran Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said.

"After the outbreak of coronavirus, the National Committee on Combating Coronavirus decided to pay support packages to the unemployed, apart from the amount of compulsory unemployment insurance," Iran Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Mohammad Reza Shariatmadari said, Trend reports citing IRNA.

He went on to say that with the decision of the Committee, the payment of unemployment insurance was suddenly increased from $595 to $857.

"800,000 unemployed workers applied for unemployment insurance during the Coronavirus outbreak, and because of the limitation in resources, payments were delayed," he said.

He added that "According to the decree of the Committee, those covered by the coronavirus unemployment insurance have been totally paid."

"The government seeks to strengthen supports to the low-income classes," said Shariatmadari.

Referring to the plan of elimination of subsidies for high-income deciles, the Minister says that "The Parliament has approved the elimination of subsidies for the top three high-income deciles when it was possible to be eliminated, but now due to difficult economic conditions, unconventional elimination of subsidies cause dissatisfaction."