New Law Should be Passed to Regulate Activities of Foreign Forces in Afghanistan: Member of Councils of National Union of Afghanistan

Politics Materials 28 August 2008 13:06 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, 28 August/ Trend , corr A. Hakimi/ The Cabinet of Ministers of Afghanistan has decided to pass a law regulating activities of foreign armed forces in the country after 100 civilians died in Herat province. The Afghani government believes that illegal air raids carried out by coalition forces without warning beforehand causes deaths of civilians.

Last week, on 21 August the air raid killed 100 civilians in Azizabad district of Shindend settlement of Herat province. This incident stirred up the wave of indignation all over the country.

Not only Herat province, but also Kener, Pektika, Nuristan, Zabul, Kapisa and Logman provinces of Afghanistan were also subject to air strikes of coalition forces which killed tens of innocent civilians.

The Afghani parliament has repeatedly demanded to pass a legislative act to regulating activities of foreign forces within the country. However, the government, particularly, President Hamid Karzai could only offer their condolence on occasion of death of civilians.

Following the last attack of coalition forces in Herat province President Karzai dismissed two commanders of the National Army and Cabinet of Ministers condemned the air attack. The Cabinet of Ministers demanded to begin discussions with the representatives of coalition forces on the activities of peacekeepers in line with a law. The Cabinet of Ministers demanded to put a stop to irresponsible steps by the international coalition forces. This demanded was stated during the meeting of the Senate of Afghanistan attended by President Karzai, Head of Senate Mumammad Yunis Qanuni and representatives of 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

"If the government does not change it position toward peacekeepers, President Karzai will be able to get foreign forces to act under law," Ziya Rufat, member of Council of National Union said to Trend .

He added if government does not take a firm position on this issue, the problem will not be addressed.

"The protection of rights of population is a duty of every government. The government must pass a law regulating activities of foreign forces within the country in accordance with a Constitution," Vedir Safi, professor of Law Department of Kabul University said to Trend .

Experts say the bill must include special and concrete articles as it is very important for the protection of rights of civilians. According to Rufat, the bill that the Council of National Unions has been introducing to the parliament for two years says that the foreign forces should be punished for the committed crimes in line with Afghani laws.

He added that the bill must include items demanding coalition forces to withdraw from big cities to the regions where terrorists are located.

"Peacekeepers and US military men always observe their own law and do not accept proposals of any government," Safi said.

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