Uzbekistan may take on lease Kyrgyz pastures

Business Materials 31 March 2018 15:03 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 31

By Fikret Dolukhanov – Trend:

Uzbekistan asked Kyrgyzstan to lease out certain pastures of the country, the press service of the Osh regional administration of Kyrgyzstan stated on March 31.

Earlier, users of social networks expressed their indignation with the information that appeared in the media that the pastures of Kyrgyzstan will be given to Uzbekistan.

The press service of the Osh regional administration stated that the headlines of the topics and some information in the media do not correspond to reality.

According to the information, the authorized representative of the government in the Osh region Taalaybek Sarybashov did not say that the pastures will be given. According to the press service, it was necessary to write in the title that Uzbekistan is requesting the lease of pastures.

“He [Taalaybek Sarybashov] simply said that the representatives of Uzbekistan are asking Kyrgyzstan to lease some pastures and that this issue will be considered, and the decision will be made following the results of discussion,” the press service said.

Taalaybek Sarybashev said during the first meeting of the council of heads of the bordering regions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in Fergana that the Uzbek side says that they used remote Kyrgyz pastures under the Soviet Union. They propose to conclude a new agreement, to discuss this issue.

Sarybashev added that in the near future the parties plan to hold a meeting in Andijan with the participation of akims, heads of relevant bodies. According to him, something on this issue can be said only after this meeting.

“We have remote pastures, which in the Soviet Union were allowed for Uzbekistan to use. This permission may be granted only after consultation with the government. However, there are opportunities for temporary use. For example, in the Alai region, jailoo Sary-Tash. There are sites there that we do not use,” he said