Expert: developing single protocol to combat cybercrime necessary

ICT Materials 29 May 2019 11:36 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 29

By Sara Israfilbayova – Trend:

It is necessary to develop a data collection protocol for the attribution of cyber attacks on an international level, Pavel Krylov, Head of Secure Bank / Secure Portal at Group-IB, told Trend.

According to Krylov, such an interaction protocol should be created on the basis of the UN. If one country suspects that cyber attacks are being carried out from another state, then there should be no place for mutual accusations – instead, a committee should be formed for conducting an investigation based on certain regulations.

“In order to fight cybercriminals (namely, to seek their detention and arrest), a well-functioning mechanism of interaction between countries is necessary, along with the development and synchronization of laws on countering cybercrime. Unfortunately, such a mechanism does not currently exist, just as the interstate exchange of data on cybercriminals is currently not in place," the expert stated.

Krylov further noted that most people and companies - and sometimes even states - still do not view cyber crimes as a serious problem.

As he pointed out, it is believed that banks and corporations are well protected and spend huge amounts of money on information security and purchase new technologies.

"However, according to our survey for the end of 2019, 74 percent of banks are not prepared for cyber attacks, 29 percent were found to have active malware infections, and 52 percent of cases showed signs of attacks having been made in the past," Krylov said.

The expert believes that one of the main factors contributing to the growth of cyber attacks is that companies do not understand what modern cyber crimes are, how they are executed, and which tools are utilized for that.

“For example, some people still have faith in antiviruses. However, although some of the most popular antiviruses were installed on many devices of bank employees, this did not save them from infection. As a result, the attackers were able to take control of the bank’s network and withdraw money from it,” Krylov noted.

Azerbaijan is one of the countries actively participating in the fight against cybercrime. The country also organizes and participates in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and is an annual host of the Regional Internet Governance Forum (RIGF).

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