Militants kill two U.S. spies in Pakistan

Other News Materials 28 September 2007 04:07 (UTC +04:00)

(TEHRANTIMES) Pro- Taleban militants killed two people after accusing them of working as US spies in the lawless tribal belt near the Afghan border, security officials said Wednesday.

The executions in North Waziristan were the latest in a series targeting people with alleged ties to US- and NATO-led foreign forces battling the Islamic extremist Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The militants slit the throat of 35-year old Badshah Wazir overnight and dumped his body on a road in Mir Ali, one of the main towns in North Waziristan , a security official said.

""His body was found in a wooden box lying on the road with a note claiming that Wazir was a major US spy,"" the official said requesting anonymity.

Authorities in the same area meanwhile found the body of an Afghan refugee who was believed to have been kidnapped by militants three months ago on accusations of spying, the official said.

Maulawi Shamsuddin , 45, had been shot dead, he said.

North Waziristan has been singled out by US officials and analysts as the new international headquarters for Osama bin Laden's resurgent Al-Qaeda network, allied with local pro-Taliban militants.

Pakistan has been combating hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants who fled over the border from Afghanistan after the US-led invasion in late 2001.