Belarus-Syria legal aid deal signed in Damask

Other News Materials 26 September 2008 13:26 (UTC +04:00)

An agreement between Belarus and Syria on the legal assistance in civil and criminal cases was signed in Damask in the course of a visit of a delegation of the Justice Ministry of Belarus lead by Justice Minister Viktor Golovanov, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Belarusian Justice Ministry.

The press service has explained that the agreement creates a legal base for the interstate cooperation between Belarus and Syria in providing mutual legal assistance in civil and criminal cases.

The document contains the provisions on the status of the natural and legal persons on the territory of the other state, guarantees the protection of their property and non-propriety rights and legal interests.

The agreement provides natural and legal persons with a right to communicate freely in the agencies of justice of the two countries, allows the agencies of justice to settle the issues of providing legal assistance in civil cases by performing various procedures as delivery of documents, hearing of witnesses, experts and other persons, carrying out expert examination, delivery of material evidence and exchange of legal information.

The agreement defines an order of recognition and execution of civil judgments including economic cases and verdicts in the part of the civil proceedings.

The key cooperation area determined by the agreement is the provision of legal aid in criminal cases by means of criminal prosecution, extradition of persons or execution of judgment.

The agreement will come into force after the two countries ratify it and exchange ratification instruments.

In the course of the visit Justice Minister of Belarus Viktor Golovanov met with Prime Minister of Syria Muhammad Naji al-Otari, Justice Minister of Syria Muhammad al-Ghafari, Prosecutor General of Syria Taysir Qala`awad, the Deputy Justice Minister of Syria and administrative law judges in the State Council of Syria.

Viktor Golovanov invited his Syrian counterpart to pay a return visit to Belarus to sign Belarus-Syria cooperation agreement which draft has been submitted for the Syrian consideration.