Azerbaijan Clarifies its position on Kosovo

Politics Materials 14 February 2008 12:36 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan Clarifies its position on Kosovo

Azerbaijan, Baku, 13 February / corr Trend I.Alizade / Azerbaijan clarified its position on Kosovo'status. "During the winter session the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE will discuss the future status of Kosovo. The delegation which will represent Azerbaijan at the session, is in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for shaping Azerbaijan's position on the future status of Kosovo," Eldar Ibrahimov, the deputy chairman of the Azerbaijani delegation to PA OSCE, the chairman of the permanent parliamentary commission on agrarian policy of the Milli Majlis [Azerbaijan Government], told Trend on 13 February.

He said that the Azerbaijani delegation may be neutral during discussions and voting. "We can also hold another position. However, it is still to be clarified," Ibrahimov said.

He did not exclude the Armenian delegation's possible attempts at the PA OSCE to compare Kosovo with Nagorno-Karabakh. Even the Armenian MPs earlier attempted this. "However, these efforts will be in vain, because Nagorno-Karabakh and Kosovo are different issues. Nagorno-Karabakh is an inseparable part of Azerbaijan and the world has recognized its occupation by the Armenians," he stressed.

The Azerbaijani delegation believes that the Kosovo problem should be solved on the basis of international rule of law," Khazar Ibrahim, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said.

Vafa Guluzade, the former state adviser on foreign policy, an independent political expert, considers that Azerbaijan should not be in a hurry to recognize Kosovo's independence. "It would be more convenient for Azerbaijan not to recognize Kosovo's independence. We actually betray the principle of territorial integrity. So, it is important for Azerbaijan to take a principle position on the Kosovo status. It is also necessary to study intensively, the dividends which Azerbaijan's recognition of Kosovo independence could bring,' he said.

Guluzade said that Albans residing in this region and the state of Albania will meet with understanding the Kosovo independence. 'All issue concerning cooperation can be left for the future," he stressed.

Guluzade said that the international community recognizes the independence of Kosovo irrespective of Azerbaijan's position. Because this issue is patronized by the United States and its allies which total over 100.

The PA OSCE winter session will be held in Vienna on 21- 22 February.

The Azerbaijani delegation will be led by Bahar Muradova, the Deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan Parliament and will include MPs Eldar Ibrahimov, Fatah Heydarov, Rabiyyat Aslanova, Azay Guliyev and Ilgar Verdiyev, the deputy head of the parliamentary department for international relations.

The delegation will leave for Vienna on 18 February.

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