Pakistani President Must Resign: Ruling Party Official Representative

Politics Materials 12 August 2008 14:49 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 12 August / Trend corr. D.Khatinoglu / Since Pakistani President Parviz Musharraf lost authority amongst people, his impeachment at the Parliament and dismissal from the presidential post is not ruled out.

"Musharraf should resign from the position, as he has lost his image and missed the support from internal and foreign allies," Ali Badar, an official representative from the ruling Popular Party of Pakistan, told Trend .

According to the information released by Pakistani media on 11 August, the impeachment plan against the President Musharraf is being considered at the Parliament. The ruling coalition (Popular party and Muslim- League party's wing Nawaz Sharif), accusing Musharraf of law violating, attempts to commit impeachment and to oust him from the position.

According to Badar, Musharraf can use of his presidential power and dissolve the Parliament; however, "Musharraf should know that all the developments will lead to his impeachment", Badar said via a telephone from Lahore, Pakistan.

There are 342 members in the National Assembly (Parliament) and 100 members - in Senate. According to Badar, the general (joint) parliamentary session is expected to be held. It means that the ruling party consisting of 442 people will receive the support of 295. There is need in 290 votes to remove Musharraf from the position. "I evaluate the ruling party's chances positively. They will succeed to gain 2/3votes," Badar stated.

Pakistani expert on internal issues Adbulanis Hay told Trend that Musharraf's impeachment is real.

"At early August, Prime Minister Yusif Reza Gilani during his visit to the United States has stated to Bush that Musharraf had lost his image and authority. The United States cannot rely on Musharraf any more, as a result Musharraf will not be supported by the official Washington and will have to resign," Hay said via a telephone from Islamabad.

The ruling coalition is unlikely to gain the necessary votes against Musharraf. According to Hay, Musharraf may use his power and to dissolve parliament. However, he will use this power as the last version. Musharraf has lost his authority and unlikely he will use his power. I do not rule out another version: if Musharraf believes that enough votes will be collected at the Parliament against him, then he will resign," Iranian expert consider.

Members of the Muslim- League party's Azam Gaid wing stated that the ruling coalition have proposed each member of Parliament $25mln to vote against Musharraf. Hay believes that briberies given to MPs and Senator to gain votes is a usual case for Pakistan. However, Badar said that "Musharraf is a businessman, not we".

"The sums are too great. Musharraf's supporters give bribery to their representative, and stated that these funds were allocated to the Parliament from budget. The budget deficit is $700mln per year. Musharraf purchase Senators for money and this proves Musharraf is a businessman."

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