NAP: Armenians would benefit if stability breaks in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 14 April 2011 20:04 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 14 / Trend T.Hajiyev /

If stability is get broken in Azerbaijan, then Armenians would benefit from it, Ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary Ali Ahmedov told the party's official website.

"Radicals' attempts to hold an unauthorized rally are more aimed to disrupt the stability rather than at interest in rally itself. Azerbaijan's socio-political stability that serves the national interests, apparently, does not meet the wishes of the radical opposition wing, which puts its political ambitions above all. In fact, stability is also beneficial for the opposition itself. But the opposition, which sees its activities only in the holding of rallies, is not interested in stability and involuntarily inclines to increasing tensions in the socio-political processes. Recently, the opposition's attempts in this direction were unsuccessful, and the reason for this is that the Azerbaijani society highly appreciates the stability and tranquility. People have seen and continue to see the benefits of the stability," Ahmedov said.

The opposition's activity in the holding of rallies is in no way related to the internal factors.

"A stand-offish attitude and indifference of the population's main part to calls to participate in the rallies are clear proof of this. As if the events in some Arab countries encourage the radical opposition to use the external factors. They themselves know perfectly well that there is no ground in Azerbaijan for the events occurring in other countries. Therefore, aligning themselves with the Arab revolution, they seek to disrupt the country's stability. They are in the spotlight of the international community until the fashion of revolution continues, as they say, they keep up with fashion. And a number of external forces, as always, use the radical opposition," he said.

No country is interested in violation of the stability, Ahmedov said.

"The attempts to breach the stability in Azerbaijan may in fact give the effect of causing a serious blow to the national security, because our country is in a state of a real war with Armenia. We are faced with the need to address a national issue such as the return of the occupied lands. In this situation, only Armenians will benefit from the violation of the stability.

None of outwardly attractive slogans can justify the actions aimed to breach the situation now. All the efforts of the people, state and society, resources and even calls should be directed to perform the sacred duty, such as the early liberation of the Azerbaijani territories, "Ahmedov said.