Armenia has no choice but to open Zangazur corridor - experts

Politics Materials 8 December 2021 00:01 (UTC +04:00)
Armenia has no choice but to open Zangazur corridor - experts

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Dec. 8

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

Armenia continues to delay the process of opening communications in the region.

It is known that after Azerbaijan's victory in the 44-day Second Karabakh War, Armenia was forced to sign an act of capitulation.

A clause on the opening of communications in the region, especially the Zangazur corridor, was included in the statement signed by the Azerbaijani and Russian Presidents, as well as the Armenian Prime Minister on November 10, 2020 and other statements signed later.

"Armenia must fulfill its commitment related to the Zangazur corridor, take actions in this sphere and set a specific date of opening the corridor," Azerbaijani MP Javid Osmanov told Trend .

"The statement signed by the Azerbaijani, Russian Presidents, as well as the Armenian Prime Minister on November 10, 2020 includes a clause on the opening of the Zangazur corridor," the MP added. "At the same time, a document on the opening of communications in the region was signed at a trilateral meeting in which the Azerbaijani, Russian Presidents and the Armenian Prime Minister participated in November 2021."

Osmanov added that if Armenia intends to delay the opening of the Zangazur corridor by committing provocations and creating artificial barriers, it will be bad for Armenia.

"Armenia has no other way out," the MP said. "Armenia has become a backward country due to its policy of aggression during 30 years. "Today, Armenia's only way out is to open the Zangazur corridor by ensuring the implementation of trilateral documents."

"Azerbaijan's position on the Zangazur corridor is quite clear and unambiguous," Azerbaijani political analyst Jeyhun Ahmadli told Trend .

"During the post-war period, the Azerbaijani President has repeatedly stated that Azerbaijan will achieve the opening of this corridor," Ahmadli said. "Of course, Azerbaijan has always been a supporter of peace and dialogue. Therefore, Azerbaijan has used all opportunities to open the Zangazur corridor through negotiations."

The analyst added that it is obvious that Armenia does not intend to open this corridor.

"Over the past period, we have seen that Yerevan has repeatedly used tricks related to the corridor, trying to evade its obligations to open the corridor through various excuses," Ahmadli added.

"However, there is no need for any manipulation because Article 9 of the tripartite statement signed on November 10 clearly outlines the status of the road connecting the western districts of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic," the analyst said.

Ahmadli said that it is an issue of ensuring unimpeded movement, which outlines the status of extraterritoriality and gives grounds to say that this road is a corridor.

"Moreover, the fact that the Russian border services will ensure security shows that the route is a corridor," the analyst said.

"Thus, Armenia's attempts to create inappropriate information barricades on the opening of the Zangazur corridor should be considered as Yerevan’s refusal to fulfill its obligations," Ahmadli said.

The analyst added that Armenia's such irrational behavior is regrettable, but this does not mean that the opening of the Zangazur corridor depends on its will.

"Armenia must not forget that it is a capitulator," Ahmadli said. "Armenia must not forget that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is a leader whose words and deeds coincide."

The analyst said that if the Azerbaijani President says that sooner or later the corridor will be opened, it means that there is no other way out for Armenia.

"As during the second Karabakh War, the Azerbaijani President demands an exact date from the Armenian government to open the corridor," Ahmadli said. "This is a very just approach. We demand that other side must fulfill its obligations."