National Assembly's resolution looks like pro-Armenian manifest - French journalist

Politics Materials 2 December 2022 10:24 (UTC +04:00)
National Assembly's resolution looks like pro-Armenian manifest - French journalist

BAKU, Azerbaijan, December 2. French Lagazetteaz.fr newspaper (founded by Trend News Agency) published an article of its Executive Director Jean-Michel Brun about the biased decision of the French Parliament's lower house - the National Assembly, unanimously requiring to "stop the aggression of Azerbaijan against Armenia", Trend reports on December 2.

According to the article, this resolution adopted by the National Assembly is illegal.

"As it’s known, this resolution was adopted unanimously. However, only 256 out of 577 MPs took part in the vote. Thus, only those who supported the resolution participated in the debate,” the author said. “Those who didn't support could vote against or abstain. They chose not to participate, instead of publicly declaring their position and exposing themselves to the risk of reprisals from the Armenian electorate.”

He also reminded that the recent 'Yellow Vests crisis' had exposed the gap between the French people and the Parliament, which, in their opinion, can no longer represent them.

“This resolution certainly doesn’t reflect the opinion of the French people, even if it’s constantly promoted by the pro-Armenian media. At least, according to a number of French diplomats, this doesn’t reflect the government’s position," Brun noted.

According to the journalist, the text of the resolution is more like a pro-Armenian manifesto than a decision of the National Assembly.

"This resolution completely distorts the existing realities," he stressed.

The article noted that the resolution mentions only the victims from the Armenian side during the 2020 second Karabakh war.

"Although the MPs mentioned in the resolution about 7,000 "displaced" Armenians, they forgot about the Azerbaijanis expelled from their lands during the first Karabakh war," Brun pointed out.

The article’s author also noted that after the signing of the trilateral statement dated November 10, 2020 [by Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian leaders following the second Karabakh war], to which the French MPs refer, the Armenian side constantly violated its provisions, in particular, continued to lay mines on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Further, the journalist stressed that Armenia doesn’t want to hand over accurate mine maps and thus endangers the lives of the Azerbaijani military servicemen and civilians involved in the restoration work in the liberated territories.