Politics Materials 8 June 2006 12:06 (UTC +04:00)

In January to April 2006 positive tendencies reigned in the transport sector. Cargo deliveries by all types of transport conveyances made up 42.4 million tons, 10.7% more than 2005. 53% of entire cargo deliveries fell on private sector.

In January to April 2006 the cargo turnover of the transport sector beat the record and comprised 9 billion ton per km, 17.9% more as compared to 2005. In difference to the cargo transportation where the automobile transportation leads, the growth was achieved thanks to rise in railway transportation in the western direction.

The aggregate amount of passenger transportation grew 5.3% as compared to 2005 and made up 335.2 million men. In this period 83.5% of passengers used automobile transport.

In this period the cargo transportation and cargo turnover by automobiles with consideration of physical entities reached 21.2 million tons and 2.1 billion ton/km, rising by 6.1% and 8.5% respectively. In January to March 11.7 million tons of cargo has been transported via the Eurasian corridor, which exceeded the last year figure by 14% and comprised 38.2% of entire cargo deliveries to the country.

Azeri Ministry of Transport, striving to gain taxes from owners of passenger- and load-carrying vehicles, issued 24,622 license plates. As a result, payments to state budget amounted AZN 618k.

Licensing system implementation commenced from March 2006. one of main requirements to transport vehicles is meeting the up-to-date standards.

Such system boosts fighting tax evasion, provide appropriate services to passengers and cargo owners.

The passenger transportation by automobile grew 5.3% and was equal to 280.3m people.

The railway transportation grew 33.2% as compared to 2005 and comprised 9.8 million tons. The cargo turnover of the railway rose 32.9% to 3.6 billion tons/km.

Thus, in the first 4 months of 2006 the Azerbaijan State Railway Department (ASRD) transported 6.9 million tons of cargo, or 21.1% more than the target. In this period, 5.3 million tons of oil and oil products have been transported. In this period passenger transportation comprised 1.8 million passengers and the incomes totaled to 5.9m manats.

The cargo shipping comprised 4.6 million tons with a rise of 2.9% as compared to 2005. The two third part of cargo deliveries fell on oil and oil products, while one third was dry cargo. 99.7% of cargo deliveries was implemented under the international operations. The cargo turnover grew 11.5%, comprising 2.6 billion ton/km. The passenger deliveries rose 41.4%.

The volume of cargo refined at the ports of Azerbaijan made up 2.4 million tons, or 13.8% more than this period. 81% of entire cargo fell on transit cargo, which reduced 0.3%. Besides, the volume of import cargo rose 2.3 times and export cargo 3.2 times.

The Azerbaijani President issued a decree to adopt the Regulation of the State Marie Service at the Cabinet of Ministers. The decree targeting provision of the activities of the State Marine Administration, commits the Cabinet of Ministers to adopt the limit of the staff of the Administration and resolve the fancily issues.

In this period oil transportation via oil pipelines dropped 1.0% as compared to 2005 and comprised 4.2 million tons. Meanwhile, gas transportation via main oil pipelines made up 3.6 million cu m of natural gas, or 16.0% up as compared to 2005.

46.5% of the transported gas was imported, which grew 4.5% as compared to last year. The cargo turnover of the main oil pipelines fell 6.0% and gas pipelines 20.4% as compared to last year.

Passengers transportation via airways grew 8.7% and made up 347,900 million people, including 5.9% implemented by private sector.

Metro remains to be the popular and profitable. In this period a total of 52.7 million passengers traveled by metro, which is 5.7% up as compared to 2005.

The opposite situation was observed in the passenger transportation by trolleybuses. Use of this transport conveyance decreased 3.6 times as compared to 2005 and made up 82,400 people.