Russian Vice-Speaker: Russia Should Not Care for Others. We Should Defend Our Interests

Politics Materials 20 November 2006 15:25 (UTC +04:00)
Russian Vice-Speaker: Russia Should Not Care for Others. We Should Defend Our Interests

Vladimir Jirinovskiy, Vice-Speaker of the Russian Duma, distinguishing with his own peculiar visage of many international processes, commented on gas problems that Georgia and Armenia face, in the interview with TREND SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT in Moscow

- Vladimir Wolfovich, Georgia has stated that starting from the next year, they refuse to buy Russian gas at the price of $230 per 1.000 cubic meters. How could you comment it?

- Very nice, let them not buy anything neither gas, nor anything else from us until the day when they dismantle their museum of occupation. I am for Russia suspending all ties with Georgia. We do need any relations with this country. Let them head for Turkey, EU, US, and exist the way they like. And we shall wait and see how they begin spitting all over. They are not a country yet. They are just supported and provided by other states. And everything comes from it. Let us see, for example, yesterday they showed how they made a poor-quality home brew wine. This is present Georgia.

- How do you think, could Georgia prohibit using its territory as a transit for Russian gas, to Armenia, in particular, if the conflict expands? How will Russia help Armenia in this case?

- Sure, they may do it. Let Armenians themselves think what to do. Let them turn to their atomic power plant, and construct another power block somewhere not far from Yerevan. That is their care. Why should we care for and think about it?! Let every country itself care for itself. And we shall advocate and defend Russian state interests. And as to Georgia, it is a hazard, ballast, and abscess on our foot in the Caucasus. Therefore, the faster they will go away from us, the better it will be for us

- How do you think, when Russia will acknowledge the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

- Russia might acknowledge it whenever it likes.

- And when it might happen?

- That will not happen in the near future. We should wait and see how Kosovo is being handled, so we are not approached with the fact that we destroy other states. Let them acknowledge Kosovo, and then we shall do the same with South Ossetia and Abkhazia.