Moldova Prime-Minister Vasily Tarlev: Moldova Marks Importance on Observance of Principles of Inviolability of Azerbaijan Territorial Integrity

Politics Materials 19 February 2007 11:03 (UTC +04:00)

Trend interview with Vasily Tarlev, Moldova Prime-Minister, which was taken on the threshold of his visit to Azerbaijan

- How do you evaluate the existing level of trade and economic relations between Azerbaijan and Moldova? How do you think, what perspectives of this cooperation will be?

- The foreign trade turnover between Moldova and Azerbaijan in 2006 reached $5350,6 thousand. Presently, all possibilities to establish cooperation in some fields of economy have been involved. Industrial, technical, and scientific potential, including the one on establishing joint industrial structures are used insufficiently.

The fulfillment of the Programme for Long-Term Economic Cooperation and Action Plan on the implementation of the later signed in Chisinau on April 15, 2005 is the substantial stage for the development of trade and economic cooperation between our countries.

The key perspective orientations in our cooperation are taking a complex of measures and deepening the coordination in the fields of industry, agriculture, transport, communication and IT, trade and economic relations, humanitarian cooperation.

- The preparation for your visit to Azerbaijan is currently underway. When will this visit be paid, and what key issues are expected to be discussed within it?

- The official visit to Azerbaijan is expected to be paid on February 22-23, 2007. The meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation is expected to be held within the forthcoming visit as well.

Within the meeting of the Commission, the following issues will be discussed:

- development of trade and economic cooperation;

- cooperation in agricultural complex;

- viewing the possibility on Moldova increasing wine production in the Azerbaijan markets;

- cooperation in fuel and energy complex;

- cooperation in the field of information and IT;

- discussing and signing a number of branch documents.

- How could you estimate cooperation between the countries within Organization for Democracy and Economic Development вЂ" GUAM? In your opinion, what perspective tasks should be tackled within the Organization?

- Moldova participation in GUAM is first of all marked with cooperation in the fields of economy, transport and infrastructure, cooperation in energy security, that are of mutual advantage. In addition, within GUAM, Moldova is in the chairs of different working groups in the field of IT and tourism. The implementation of the GUAM Program, envisaging assistance and aid in different issues, including the one in the field of trade and transport, ensuring customs control on the boundaries, fight with terrorism and organized criminality is also important to us.

- How do you think what joint economic projects will be the priorities? Particularly, the possibility on involving Azerbaijan experience in carrying out exploratory work on detection of fields in Moldova.

- I could call the priorities of our energy projects By the order of the Moldavian Government, a working group to Azerbaijan will arrive to study the experience in the field of research and exploration of oil and gas fields in Azerbaijan. In accordance with the requirements of the existing legislation and taking into account the results of studies and Azerbaijan experience in this field, the Moldavian Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry has elaborated a project on presenting work on geological exploration of oil and gas fields as a concession.

- Does Moldova support the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan? Can Moldova come out with any initiative concerning the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

Moldova emphasizes the importance of observance of the principles of the inviolability of the state frontiers and territorial integrity of Moldova, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. We are confident that all regional conflicts should be resolved through peaceful negotiations and compromise.