Pressure on Armenia Increasing (video)

Politics Materials 21 May 2007 21:14 (UTC +04:00)

An extract from the Trend's interview with the head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Executive Administration of Azerbaijani President, Novruz Mammadov.

- The parliamentary elections in Armenia are over. Before the elections it was said that they keep the negotiations back. What can be expected just now? Is the settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia possible?

- Actually,in a normal and stable country elections should not affect this kind of negotiations. The Armenian government and certain circles use the events as an excuse not to hold meetings and to delay the negotiations. We have a sort of agreement on several issues. However, we have not agreed on the principal matters yet. Anyway, the negotiations must be continued. Armenia agrees on negotiations only in order to avoid accusation by the world's community.

The pressure on Armenia is increasing. It deals the process of negotiations, the positions of the co-chairmen and international organization, economic and military development of Azerbaijan.

Armenians want to do something, but their administration cannot dare and recognize that they have been holding Azerbaijani lands under occupation for many years. At first we have to liberate the seven regions and to define the status of Nagorno-Karabakh within the framework of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.