Azerbaijan Increases Cargo Transportation Volumes in 2006

Business Materials 20 January 2007 14:25 (UTC +04:00)

In 2006, Azerbaijan all transport carriers carried 225.24mln tons of cargo. This figure was 121.2% more versus the corresponding period of the last year, Trend reports.

Some 14.26mln tons of the total cargo fell on the export, 10.98mln tons вЂ" on import. The export operations by shipping constituted 8mln tons, railway transport - 1.45mln tons, automobile вЂ" 559,900 tons, air transport вЂ" 3,700 tons, and the pipeline transport вЂ" 4.19mln tons. The import operations by shipping made up 286,400 tons, railway transport вЂ" 6.33mln tons, automobile вЂ" 1.14mln tons, air transport- 27,700 tons, and the pipeline transport вЂ" 3.15mln tons.

6.53mln tons of cargo was transited via Azerbaijan. The cargo was mainly delivered from Switzerland (2.09mln tons), Italy -1.7mln tons, Georgia вЂ" 1.16mln tons, Tajikistan вЂ" 417,200 tons, Russia - 222,400 thousand tons, Turkmenistan вЂ" 175,300 tons, Iran -181,400 tons, Turkey вЂ" 188,500 tons, and Cyprus вЂ" 112,000 tons.