Vouchers to Be Put out of Circulation in Azerbaijan till the End of 2007

Business Materials 10 February 2007 12:04 (UTC +04:00)

Karam Hassanov, the Chairman of the State Property Committee, informed Trend that vouchers may be fully put out of the circulation till the end of 2007, Trend reports. To date, 50% out of the total number of vouchers have been involved in the process of privatization. They are used in different voucher auctions and investment competitions.

He considers that as a result of the acceleration of the privatization process, they may be fully put out of the circulation. 70 state-controlled enterprises and facilities should be put to voucher auctions in 2007 to achieve these ends.

55 auctions were organized in the reporting period. As a result of the auctions held, the shares of 200 joint-stock companies were privatized. The circulation period of vouchers will expire on August 1, 2008.