Gasoline prices in Tajikinstan’s capital reduce by 10%

Oil&Gas Materials 22 May 2012 14:19 (UTC +04:00)

Prices for gasoline in Dushanbe have decreased by 10 percent. According to the result of a monitoring carried out by Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the price for 1 liter of AI-92 gasoline in late December 2011 was 6.75 Somoni ($1.42) while price for AI-95 was 7.50 Somoni ($1.57), Asia- Plus reported.

Today prices for gasoline have reduced down to 6.20 Somoni ($1.30) and 6.60 Somoni ($1.39) respectively. According to the results of market analysis conducted by Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, in the beginning of this year there was a tendency towards reduction in prices for gasoline. For example, in late February average price for gasoline in Dushanbe was 6.80 Somoni and in March it reduced by 10 dirams.

According to the Tajik Government's Anti-Monopoly Service, gasoline prices reduced due to a definite balance between the supply and demand at the country's fuel market.

"Main reason for reduction in gasoline prices is diversification of import and reduced consumption of fuel. For instance, many car owners install liquid gas equipment to their vehicles. Furthermore, import of oil products from Turkmenistan is growing and fuel consumers started to consume gasoline in a more efficient manner," press service of the anti-monopoly service reported.

According to the service, no fuel deficit is expected in the country in the nearest time. This fact will also be reflected in prices for fuel.