Sale of liquefied gas falls 1.3% in Azerbaijan

Oil&Gas Materials 28 December 2005 12:42 (UTC +04:00)

In January to October 2005, 131,600 tons of liquefied gas in the Azerbaijani market, or 1.3% less than 2004, the State Statistics Committee told Trend.

According to the State Statistic Committee, ready products in the stores made up 4,600 tons late October, 58.6% more than late October 2004. Domestic price of liquefied gas (butan-butilen and propane-propylene faction) at the SOCAR comprises 587,288 manats per ton ($127), wholesale price at the internal market вЂ" 893,000 manats ($194), and retail price 1,200,000 manats ($261).

At present the liquefied gas is produced at Heydar Aliyev ORP, a part of the SOCAR.