World's first plant to manufacture synthetic fuel from gas opens in Turkmenistan (PHOTO)

Turkmenistan Materials 28 June 2019 14:35 (UTC +04:00)
Opening ceremony of the plant to be the first in the world to produce synthetic gasoline from natural gas on an industrial scale was held in Ovadandepe settlement of Turkmenistan’s Ahal province, Trend correspondent reports from the scene.
World's first plant to manufacture synthetic fuel from gas opens in Turkmenistan (PHOTO)

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, June 28

By Vugar Imanov - Trend:

Opening ceremony of the plant to be the first in the world to produce synthetic fuel from natural gas on an industrial scale was held in Ovadandepe settlement of Turkmenistan’s Ahal province, Trend correspondent reported from the scene.

Before the ceremony, a solemn meeting was held with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, prominent public figures, businessmen, representatives of diplomatic missions and mass media, and foreign guests in the Mizan business center.

In his speech, President Berdimuhamedov emphasized the rapid economic growth of the country, which has become an influential player in the regional market.

The president spoke about mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries and companies, the influx of foreign investments, the introduction of the most advanced technologies, the creation of transport corridors, new directions of industrial development and the new stage of the market reforms.

"Turkmenistan’s economic model is built up taking into account the best international experience, based on the state and national interests, tasks of regional and global sustainable development,” the president said. “Therefore, our country has proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner in all spheres of cooperation.”

“Besides the available huge raw materials reserves, Turkmenistan is attracting foreign businessmen as a country with great prospects as an influential player in the regional market,” he said. “Turkmenistan has the highest GDP growth rate in Central Asia and one of the highest GDP growth rates worldwide; the country's active integration into the system of the world economic relations through the creation of transit-transport corridors and new growth points in innovation and industrial sphere testify to that."

The president emphasized the importance of the “open door” policy being pursued by Turkmenistan, which is the main condition for the new upswing in the country's economy, strengthening its competitiveness, building reputation as a worthy partner and diplomatic authority of an independent neutral country on the world stage.

"Presently, the world is experiencing the fourth industrial revolution,” the president said. “Turkmenistan is involved in this process through the exchange of technologies and know-how, creation of high-tech production, introduction of intellectual systems and digital transformation of all sectors of the economy.”

“After the transition to the digital economy, a new stage begins, which includes industrialization of the country, market and structural reforms, the diversification of the processing industries and the strengthening of Turkmenistan’s role as a country exporting the products from textile goods to gas chemical products,” he said.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that the implementation of this large-scale project - the commissioning of a new gas chemical complex - will expand Turkmenistan’s export opportunities.

“There is the necessary infrastructure for the supply of products of the plant abroad,” he added. “It includes ighways, railways and Turkmenbashi seaport to Europe. Several European countries are already interested in new products.”

“While implementing this unprecedented project, we are creating the prerequisites for our country to become one of the centers of growth for the whole global green economy, focused on the future,” the president said. “The state program envisages the construction of a number of gas chemical complexes and plants. The new projects of innovative enterprises, specializing in the deep processing of natural gas and the production of products which are in demand in the world markets were also developed within the state program. The facilities of social importance, which will lead to further improvement of the welfare of people, will be built."

Foreign guests including Japanese State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoshihiko Isozaki an Director of Foreign Affairs Department of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Chairman of the Secretariat for the Turkmen-Japanese Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Shimpei Matsushita delivered speeches at the ceremony and highlighted the importance of the project.

The video footage about Turkmenistan’s oil and gas industry was demonstrated to the guests.

Along with the solemn event, the ceremony of awarding a number of prestigious certificates to the plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas was also held.

Guinness World Records company delivered the certificate “The world's first plant producing gasoline from natural gas”, the US Environmental Protection Fund presented “Eco-friendly” certificate and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology awarded “Innovative Technologies” certificate.

From the Mizan business center situated in Ashgabat, the president and other participants of the ceremony went to the site of the plant for the production of synthetic gasoline from natural gas, built in Ahal province. The footage of the opening ceremony of the complex was demonstrated to the guests.

The modern equipment has been installed and advanced technologies of the leading manufacturers from the US, UK, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Korea, India and other countries have been introduced at this gas-chemical complex. This gas-chemical complex is unique in a number of indices. For the first time in the world practice, natural gas will be processed into liquid fuel on an industrial scale at this plant.

Turkmenistan ensures its energy security taking into account the environmental issues. Today, the plant in Ovadandepe settlement is the only plant in the world that produces environmentally friendly synthetic gasoline from natural gas. According to its characteristics, Turkmen synthetic gasoline differs from ordinary gasoline obtained from oil. The new product has no sulfur compounds and nitrogen-containing organic compounds that are harmful to the environment.

The GTG (Gas to gasoline) project based on the TIGAS technology of the Danish company Haldor Topsоe allows producing high quality gasoline with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact. The plant will annually process 1.78 billion cubic meters of gas into 600,000 tons of ECO-93 gasoline, 12,000 tons of purified diesel fuel and 115,000 tons of liquefied gas. About 800 people will work there. The first 60 tons will be supplied to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid.

The foundation of the gas chemical complex in Ovadandepe was laid on August 26, 2014. President Berdimuhamedov attended the foundation laying ceremony. The plant was built in accordance with the agreement between the Turkmengas State Concern and the Japanese-Turkish consortium consisting of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd and Ronesans Endustri Tesisleri Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. The project is worth about $1.7 billion.