Spokesman lambastes Blair for unfounded accusations against Iran

Iran Materials 14 December 2006 17:35 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) -. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini reacted Thursday to the 'unfounded' and 'illogical' comments of British Prime Minister Tony Blair against Iran stressing that such remarks would only please the Zionists.

"British statesmen raise such accusations against Iran in order to justify their defeated colonial policies in the (Middle East) region," Hosseini said in a statement a copy of which was faxed to IRNA.

Referring to Britain's interference in regional issues by its prime minister, the spokesman said, "London's illegal meddling in regional developments brought nothing more than massacre, destruction and insecurity in regional states particularly for the peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine."

He stressed that Tehran has repeatedly told occupying forces, Britain in particular, to leave the region instead of meddling in the internal affairs of its nations and let them run their own countries, reports Trend.

Dismissing Blair's recent anti-Iran comments, Hosseini said, "Nothing is more hateful in the public opinion of the Islamic world, specially those in the Mideast and Persian Gulf regions, than the shameful Declaration of Balfour which is a reminder of bitter memories of Britain's interference and divisive policies (in the region)." The Balfour Declaration was issued by British government in 1917 initiating the process that led to the establishment of the Zionist entity.

Such anti-Iran stance by the British premier would only please the Zionists, Hosseini said stressing the fast declining rate of the British government's popularity among Britons.

Hosseini advised the British prime minister 'to tread the path that would lead to finding the best and real solution to the countless problems of the British government rather than spending at the considerable cost to the British people and insisting on your old-fashioned policies."