Former ambassador: Azerbaijan performs Non-Aligned Movement's struggle against occupation

Politics Materials 23 September 2020 11:27 (UTC +04:00)
Former ambassador: Azerbaijan performs Non-Aligned Movement's struggle against occupation

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 23

By Elnur Baghishov – Trend:

As the head of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Azerbaijan is fighting against occupation, which is one of the main tasks of this movement, Former Iranian Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Azerbaijan, Mohsen Pakayin told Trend.

According to Pakayin, at present, one of the most important issues for the NAM is the encountering of independent countries with occupation problem. Some parts of the territory of Azerbaijan are also occupied by Armenia.

The former ambassador added that the occupation is an obstacle to peace and justice in the whole world.

Pakayin noted that the NAM’s member countries seek to restore peace and security in the world and prevent war and conflict based on the principles of cooperation.

"Given that Azerbaijan will head of the NAM until 2022, this is a great opportunity to achieve the goals of the movement. Because this movement is the second largest international political organization after the United Nations," he said.

The former ambassador stressed that this movement is one of the active organizations in the development of multilateral cooperation. Thus, the countries declare independently their priorities and their positions on problems and conflicts in the world and try to find a solution. After the collapse of the USSR, the economy was added to the goals of the Non-Aligned Movement. The development of economic cooperation between the NAM’s member countries has become a priority.

"In the current context, the Non-Aligned Movement must develop multilateralism to achieve its main goals. Azerbaijan can become one of the successful heads of the Non-Aligned Movement in this direction," he said.

Pakayin emphasized today's most important issue is the coronavirus pandemic. Azerbaijan, together with the NAM member countries, is taking steps to combat the damages caused by the coronavirus and reduce the damage to people.

He added that the establishment of a committee in connection with the pandemic with the participation of talented experts from the NAM's member countries could be a step towards preventing the virus.

“Iran and Azerbaijan are two active members of the Non-Aligned Movement. The two countries are united on many international issues. Both countries are united in the development of multilateralism and the fight against occupation. With this solidarity, Azerbaijan and Iran can assist the Non-Aligned Movement in fulfilling its core responsibilities and advancing its position,” Pakayin noted.

The former ambassador said that the NAM member countries are trying to strengthen their economies and increase diversity. Azerbaijan can establish cooperation between member countries in the fields of energy, transit, trade, and tourism. This will benefit all member countries.