Several dead in Eid attacks across Iraq

Arab World Materials 27 October 2012 13:54 (UTC +04:00)
Several dead in Eid attacks across Iraq
Several dead in Eid attacks across Iraq

Shootings and bombings near the the capital Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq have left at least 12 people dead, as Muslims mark the second day of the Eid al-Adha holiday, officials have said Al Jazeera reported.

A police source told Al Jazeera that at least five passengers on a bus carrying civilians in Taji, 25km north of Baghdad, were killed by a bomb planted on the vehicle on Saturday. Twelve others were injured in that attack, the source said.

Doctors warned that the toll could rise, and a police captain in Taji said as many as eight people had died in the attack, which struck at 9:30am local time (06:30 GMT).

Another explosion in Baghdad's northeastern Ma'amel neighbourhood killed at least five people and injured 13 others, officials told Al Jazeera.

In Mosul, 350km north of the capital, separate attacks targeting the Shabak community killed at least two people and wounded nine others, security and medical officials told the AFP news agency.

The Shabak community numbers about 30,000 people living in 35 villages in Nineveh, and many want to become part of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

They speak a distinct language and largely follow a faith that is a blend of Shia Islam and local beliefs.

In the town of Tuz, in Kirkuk province, nine civilians were wounded after a car bomb exploded, officials told Al Jazeera.

The attacks on Saturday were the latest in a series of bombings and shootings in the past week that have broken a relative calm in Iraq.