Russian airline plans to increase carriage of passengers to 65 mln a year by 2030

Russia Materials 30 January 2023 06:14 (UTC +04:00)
Russian airline plans to increase carriage of passengers to 65 mln a year by 2030

Russian Aeroflot Group plans to increase carriage of passengers to 65 million per year by 2030, while the group's market share will increase to 50%, the airline’s general director Sergey Aleksandrovsky told reporters talking about the company's new strategy, Trend reports citing TASS.

"The growth parameters projected [in the strategy] are partly synchronized with the comprehensive program for the development of the air transport industry until 2030. We plan to reach 65 million passengers by 2030. In the meantime, the Group's share on the Russian market (taking into account foreign carriers - TASS) will increase up to 50%. It will grow thanks to an increase in the fleet, new regional bases and entering new international flight destinations."

According to him, currently, the Group’s share on the market is 40%. By the end of 2023, the Group plans to increase the volume of carriage by 6% to 43.5 million passengers, Aleksandrovsky added.

Aeroflot Group's aircraft fleet will amount to about 500 aircraft in 2030, while it is planned that 70% of them will be Russian-made, Aleksandrovsky said.

"According to our conservative forecast, the number of the fleet at the end of 2030 will be about 500 aircraft. This forecast may be revised towards a more optimistic one in terms of increasing the number of imported aircraft and, accordingly, the market share," he said.

"Also, in 2030 we plan to put into operation of 339 domestic aircraft and the development of competencies to maintain airworthiness. The ratio of foreign and domestic aircraft in the group's fleet will be 30 to 70%, respectively," he added.

He noted that the company plans to receive the first updated Sukhoi Superjet New (SSJ New) aircraft in December this year, and the MC-21 aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2024.