Former police chief found in tank during failed Gülenist coup attempt

Türkiye Materials 18 July 2016 13:31 (UTC +04:00)

A former police chief from the Istanbul Police Department was found in one of the seized tanks in Istanbul on July 15 during the failed coup attempt by the Gülenist faction within the military, Daily Sabah reported.

According to Doğan News Agency, Mithat Aynacı, who was in charge of the security unit three years ago and had left from duty after the December 17-25 coup attempt in 2015, was found in a tank on Istanbul's Vatan Street. He was reportedly wearing a police uniform and took part in attempting to take over the police departments.

Aynacı was taken to the Istanbul Police Department's counter-terrorism branch for initial investigation.

He had reportedly resigned from duty due to health reasons after the December 17-25 coup attempt investigation launched against Gülenists. Later, Aynacı had petitioned to return to his position, but he was not given any duty.