Alexandr Rahr: Positive developments in Georgia minimize opposition's chances

Politics Materials 4 May 2011 12:19 (UTC +04:00)
Alexandr Rahr: Positive developments in Georgia minimize opposition's chances

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 4 / Trend, E. Tariverdiyeva /

Successes are evident in Georgia from the fight against corruption to the successful development of various sectors of the economy, the Director of the Russia-Eurasia Center of the Council on Foreign Policy of Germany, Trend Expert Council Member Alexandr Rahr believes.

"People feel that they have a future. It is a positive trend, and it brings people into the camp of President Mikheil Saakashvili," Rahr told Trend over the phone from Berlin.

The Georgian People's Assembly will hold a massive protest action at 15:00 on May 21. The action will start simultaneously in three places - on the Square of Roses, in Avlabar and in front of the Great Concert Hall, opposition organization head Nona Gaprindashvili said at a special briefing.

From there, she said the protesters will move to Liberty Square, where a great rally will be held. Leaders of the People's Assembly prefer not to speak about the protesters' next steps.

Protest action will be also organized on the Square Era in Batumi in parallel to the events in Tbilisi.

Rahr said the Georgian opposition's problem is that it has no single leader. Disunity is a problem of all democratic parties and the opposition blocks of the entire Middle East and Europe, he said.

Rahr said that the opposition cannot agree among themselves about putting forward their demands and playing a main role.

"Internal political wars and intrigue are held inside these opposition groups. Power is gained by playing the card of contradictions in the opposition," Rahr said.

He said that mainly such a scenario is in fact developing in Georgia, so one cannot expect any revolution.

"Maybe the protest mood will intensify, but not soon - this would occur closer to the presidential elections in 2013," he said.