Some countries use taxpayers’ money against Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 11 June 2015 20:35 (UTC +04:00)
Great Britain’s press has unfortunately created the anti-Azerbaijani “London platform”, which attracts major media companies, and the taxpayers’ money is used against Azerbaijan.
Some countries use taxpayers’ money against Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 11

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

Great Britain's press has unfortunately created the anti-Azerbaijani "London platform", which attracts major media companies, and the taxpayers' money is used against Azerbaijan, said the Azerbaijani president's aide for public and political affairs, Ali Hasanov.

He made the remarks June 11, at a press conference on the European Games, held with participation of the local and foreign journalists.

Hasanov said certain circles stand behind the campaign carried out by the western press during the last month and related to human rights, freedom of speech and press in Azerbaijan.

"This is controlled on purpose," he said. "We are trying to determine the cause of it."

Hasanov added that certain circles are too much worried about Azerbaijan's organizing the first-ever European games at a high level and in such a short period of time.

"Those circles want to cast shadow on Azerbaijan's success, to prove that the country is not able to achieve it," he said.

Hasanov noted that currently, Azerbaijan's friends are working all over the world for this campaign to fail and not to give serious results. He also said that the Armenian lobby, some social structures and NGOs stand behind this campaign.

"They, getting funds from several sources, are trying to carry out anti-Azerbaijan propaganda. They tried to realize the same scenario during the "Eurovision" contest in Azerbaijan, they are doing it now and will likely do it tomorrow," said Hasanov.

He added that there are forces that don't recognize Azerbaijan's independent policy, wishing to put pressure on the country.

"This is a disrespectful not only towards Azerbaijan, but also towards Europe, the European sports community," he said. "This campaign after some time will get stopped. The time will come when the people, today taking anti-Azerbaijan position, will realize that they made a mistake."

"However, the fact that they carried out such a campaign will remain in the history of the European games," he further said. "Progressive humanity will itself give assessment - whether that campaign was right or not."

Hasanov also said that Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly stated about the stance of Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan is walking its own path. This is the ensuring of Azerbaijan's national interests and building relations with the world countries within the framework of mutual interests," he said.

"We receive various proposals, including the proposals on joining the Eurasian Economic Union, the Non-Aligned Movement. However, Azerbaijan has chosen the policy of partnership, based on a balanced, mutually beneficial cooperation in the region. We are where there is politics corresponding to the interests of Azerbaijan," said Hasanov.

He also added that Azerbaijan has a critical attitude towards the unions representing collective interests.

"Azerbaijan prefers mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore we cooperate with Iran, as well as with the US, Russia, Turkey and Israel. This policy, which doesn't deny anyone's interests, is the most fruitful policy on the Eurasian geopolitical area," Hasanov said.